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Need some questions answering

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well,

I've recently been diagnosed with a flare which was treated by two separate courses of Pred and Aza. This was given to me by my paediatric consultant. I've just been transferred to an adult clinic and they want to put me on adalimumab, which is an infection you give yourself every two weeks, they decided to do this because the aza isn't really helping very much and now I'm being weaned off the pred my symptoms are getting worse. I want to ask how effective is adalimumab and how much it helped you? They also want to give me an iron infusion because I'm quite anemic, I would like to know your experiences of it, whether it hurt and how long it takes to do? I would like to know also how you changed your diet - if you did - to help with your Crohn's? And finally, I'm going through some stressful friendship drama and I'm noticing my symptoms are getting a bit worse, have any of you found that stress makes your Crohn's worse?

Thank you so much for your help! Stay well
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Humira has helped me tremendously! It's easy & quick to do.....& it's put me into remission for almost 3 years. I had 5 resections prior to that with a temporary ileostomy which was reversed! I like that I don't hafta take time off of work.....I feel great .....and on with life! I know everyone's different but it's given me my life back. Obviously I do have bad days but @ least now the good outnumber the bad days! Good luck to you! 💜💜💜

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Welcome. You said now you are being weaned off the prednisone your symptoms are getting worse. Maybe you need to ask the doctor about weaning you off at a slower rate. I had two iron infusions and it took at least a couple of hours and it didn't hurt. I think stress can make the disease worse.
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I LOVE Humira. Some take it bi-weekly and some take it weekly. I take it weekly. It saved my life. I also love prednisone because it is a quick fix. It is not good to be on a long period of time, but it works wonders with inflation. I have been put on extremely high doses and come down weekly. Tell your doctor to see if they can taper you down slower. I have been on pred many times over my 22 years with Crohn's, even for months at a time, and it has always helped me. I'm 31 now, and from 15-25 I had to have iron infusions. I was very anemic. The iron infusions gave me so much energy and put my hemoglobin in the normal range. I stopped at 25 because I no longer needed the infusions. I still take iron supplements today. All in all, Humira works wonders, iron infusions work wonders and taking prednisone is a quick fix for inflammation. You just cannot come off of it too quickly.

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