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Cooking with seasonings with Crohns

What should I use and what should I stay away from? I'm from South Louisiana and our way of cooking is not the healthiest. I have just been using salt and it gets old.
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Everyone is an individual - you may need to go with trial and error.....I'd start with simple seasoning, stay away from too much salt.....all depends on what you are cooking.....

For fish, I like lemon juice (fresh), parsley or dill

Meats - chipolte seasoning, pepper, lemon pepper is actually quite good, even on steak!

A lot of people have issues with fried foods - mainly the grease......

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In general, a lot of us have issues with things like onion, garlic, and MSG - those are the ones I try to avoid. I agree with Lisa, try one seasoning at a time and do trial and error. Keeping a food & symptom journal is a good idea too, write down everything you eat and how you're feeling, how many bowel movements, how much pain, etc and that way you can correlate symptoms to ingredients over time.

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