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Im undiagnosed and a little freeked out

Ok January 2017, only a few months ago I got sick with a head cold and bronchitis I had diarrhea with it and figured it was because of the antibiotics and I didnt pay too much attention after that. Maybe a few weeks to month later i noticed a quick change in my stools from sold and normal to black and tary to orange completely runny mixed with red peices of stool like it was blood in just a few hours i told my mom and she got freaked out and looked up stool colors and it mentioned internal bleeding and my mom got more freeked out so i tried to set up a doc. Appt. The doctor the insurance company gave me didnt take my insurance called my insurance company to get a new doctor and found out i didnt have insurance anymore i decided to just keep an eye on it and take care of my insurance when i got free time from work but my work schedual is very complicated and that just turned into a procrastination. over the next few months I've noted hunger pains if i dont give into them the pain increases and i get dizzy, it hurts when i eat dosnt matter what it is, im always bloated gassy, my pain is in my lower left abdomen upper middle abdomen and down the right side of my abdomen top to bottom,i get little pin pricks around my belly button like something is trying to eat its way out, and I'll go three days with out any bowel movements the next day I'll have one normal bowel movement then 20 minutes later its diarrhea for the next 4 days, ive notice blood in my stool at least once or twice a month since that first time i mentioned, and in the last month ive been getting burning or tingling in my hands, a couple months ago i was doubled over in pain what felt like a contraction (i have a 8 yr old daughter and haven't had intercourse in about a year) of course i went to the er they did ct with and w/out contrast blood test and a urine sample thinking it was appendix or gallbladder stones or whatever you call em any way everything came back clear the pain slowly subsided with some ibuprofen. This past week and a half the symptoms have progressed to a point where there has been blood in the stool every other day and it was extremely hard to controll the diarrhea there were a few small accidents and a few close calls i only had one day of no diarrhea and i was physically drainded i slept too much then couldnt sleep when i was suppose to the pains in my stomach are a bit more intense now to where i have to apply slight pressure to calm them but not enough to where it would hurt so yesterday i actually had enough and went to the er again and told them my situation they did every thing they could but it was the same things a couple months ago with the same results but they did refer a GI to my situation and they are suppose to contact me in a few days and gave me perscriptions for my symptoms. I want to know what this is the discomfort and embarrassment is increasing more and more, has anyone had or have these problems if so what were you diagnosed with?
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Welcome. I am sorry for what you have been through. I certainly hope they are able to give you a diagnosis soon. Keep us appraised. Everyone is different. I have had urgency sometimes and accidents also. Mine is Crohn's disease but you may have something different. Again, i hope you know soon.

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Yes thank far i have change my diet and I've been taking vitamins so i haven't had diarrhea but my stomach pains are more sharp and intense....i tried to get my medicaid back but there saying i make too much in gross income when im only taking home $500 every 2 weeks and i pay $362 in bills and expenses. A colonoscopy is a $3000 procedure im not sure if that is including any other expenses but it seems as though ill never figure out whats wrong with me
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hello and welcome. Im sorry for your issues. The GI will most likely want to run blood tests and a fecal calprotectine test (that's a stool test that can help orient to diagnosis of an inflammatory bowel disease vs irritable colon syndrome). Since colonoscopy could be very expensive for you, starting with these tests could be a good inexpensive way. Irritable colon syndrome is quite common and can cause similar symptoms you experience and internal hemorrhoids as a result of unstable bowel movements are common and can cause occassional bleeding too. let us know about your GI appointment. Wishing you well.
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