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Hi I'm New Here :)

im new here , and not very good with this computer thing
i suffer from crohn's and as i type im stuck in bed with a bad flare up
in April 2013 after begging my doctor to send me to hospital
for tests ,he sent me
for the previous 6 months i was at my doctors practice at least once a month
with stomach pains and each time i was given buscopam
in the end i think the doctor got sick of seeing me and after i said i would report him
he sent me for tests
well after having a sigmmoidoscopy and other tests , my doctor said i had a diverticular,
with multiple severe narrowing/tortuosity of the diverticular segment and circular muscle hypertrophy
well that what it was then :O
so for two years after that as usual my doctor gave me buscopan
well..i moved home and i registerd with a new doctor
at our first meeting , i told him about my stomach pains
and he said yes it's because you have crohn's disese ,,WHAT !!!
why wasn't i told ? my previous doctor never once said that i had it
he straight away put me on Asacol
which dosn't realy stop the pain ,but makes it bearable
im just wondering that if my old doctor had have started me on propper
treatment it wouldn't be so bad now
just out of interest this is not the first time my previous doctor has
kept info from me ,,once i had a Cholesterol test and it took him 8 months
to tell me it was 8.1 very high
thats the main reason when i moved home that i changed doctors
as i could have easily stayed with him
sorry this is long winded , but hey ho i got it off my chest

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Welcome. I am sorry your first doctor didnt just come out and tell you what was going on.
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Finding the right doctor is a key to success in controlling Crohn's. I recommend to all who can that they go to a GI who specializes in IBD. Not all docs, nor even all GIs, like to treat IBD cases. They sometimes find it just as difficult and frustrating as the patients do. That's why you need someone who is really interested in IBD - someone who has focused their career on conquering this disease.

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