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Undiagnosed testing for Crohn's this week.

For 6 months I have been very unwell. Initially I've been diagnosed with B12 deficiency and have injections to treat the fatigue. In this time every week I have atleast 2 days where I wake up feeling so nauseous and have mild diarrhoea and just generally unwell. I go quite Pale and I have an acne outbreak on my back chest and face. After eating food is worse too and and on nexium for indigestion.
I've had blood tests after tests but am having a ct scan this week to look for Crohn's. Has anyone had symptoms like this? I have young children and find when I am sick on those days I can't function properly. It's been happening for so long im tired and need answers. Thanks

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It is a miserable set of symptoms some of which may be IBD ,crohns etc
Once you have the appropriate tests the diagnosis and treatment usually becomes clearer.
Sorry to hear of your pain and discomfort and so hard for you with young children.
Feel better soon
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I hope you get answers from the ct scan.

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Welcome Gardi,

I'm rooting for you. I'm glad you came to join us, however, I hope you don't have a chronic condition of course. Feel free to talk to me any time, I won't bite.

I hope you feel better soon,


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