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Fistulas are the WORST!

Hey guys & gals, I am Sierra, I am 28 & I have been battleing crohns for 7 1/2 years now. It is the absolute WORST thing ever to happen to me. At 21 i went into the hospital thinking I had another kidney stone, only to find out I had 4 abscess in my small intestines, 7 days later I am diagnosed with crohns disease. 9 days after that I finally go home (after 16 days in the hospital). 6 days later I am back in the ER with 12 new abscess in my small intestines, 9 days later go home. Now both times they put some drain tubes coming out of my stomach to drain the abscesses, the second round i was sent home with a drain tube still installed. About a week later I end up BACK in the ER for a 3rd time with MORE abscess, dr said he quit counting at 10. A few days later I undergo my first crohns surgery and get a fistula in my abdomin to help drain the abscess out while being on Remicade infusions (which lasted 2 years). Absolute worst experience yet! It called for me to have a colonostomy bag to catch the stuff draining. Where it was located is so close to my belly button so even though the wound care nurse said it wouldn't🙄, the bag would leak. I would go a few days then wake up in the middle if the night with nasty body fluids all over the place. DISGUSTING!! So after being in the hospital a total of 30'days within a month and a half, I finally go home. Now this fistula had to heal from the inside out and would continue to drain until it was fully close, a YEAR & 3 MONTHS later. Some days it would hardly drain but others I would have to change my bandage every 1-2 hours or it was leaking out all over my clothing.

Now fast forward to May 2017..
I go to my GI dr, who I see regularly for checkups, because I had a pain in my stomach near the scar I have from the fistula. Bloodwork & CT scan later its an umbillical hernia🙄. Have 1st surgery to repair the hernia, surgeon puts me on BED REST for 2 weeks because it was SO close to the fistula he said moving around too much could reopen the fistula. Well needless to say about 5-6 days later I realize I have an infection from the Steri-Strips they used to close the incision. 2 different antibiotics later the infection is healed but I still have an open wound that is draining puss. 6 weeks after the first surgery I am having a 2nd surgery to get a wound vacuum pump. Worst week of my life because i must of had the lemon of the batch of pumps. Well now here I am 2 weeks post surgery & my doctor and I realize today that my fistula has REOPENED😱😫. Now he told me my only options are I could either do remicade infusions again or try the Humira shots to get this fistula to close back up.

I am at the point where I don't even know what to think anymore. It feels like the more I try to stay positive the worst things get. I have a step son that will be 6 soon but I do want to have a child of my own soon. It makes me even more upset when I think of how I have to put my life on hold because my CROHNS just had to show its face again so soon. But hey, like they say, it could always be worst right?!
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Hi Sierra,

I have had so many fistulas they lost count, as did I. I eventually got better and I sincerely hope you will as well. It's odd that I also had an umbilical hernia years before the fistulas and multiple abscess issues.

Welcome to the group, I can really relate with what you are going through. Talk to me here or pm me any time.

Your new friend,

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Welcome. Sending support your way.

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