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Surgery does not always go as planned

sometimes it goes better.

I am 58 year old male first started having symptoms aged 54. Started with urinary urgency and strong stomache bad I had three days and nights with no sleep and had to be sedated. Took 6 months to get a diagnosis of Crohn's.

Put up with bouts of pain and weight loss for over 4 1/2 years before finally going for advised ileocecal resection of small bowel which was most likely to end up as a right hemicolectomy. Took so much suffering, depression etc to decide to roll the dice and go for the op.

Woke up afterwards to be told that when surgeon got in there he found masses of adhesions that had bent small intestines out of shape- so he cut them out and the only found very mild Crohns so left intestines intact.

Just goes to show that even modern MRI scans can't tell them for sure what's going on. I am now on day 6 of post op recovery with a much brighter future than I have had for the last almost 5 years. Turns out an appendectomy 48 years ago could have sparked the adhesions!

Surgery is hard to go through but can be transformational and not in the intended way.
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Welcome. I wish you the best.
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I'm so glad everything went smoothly and you're doing well!
3rd Generation

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Ileocecectomy 3/17

Reoccurrence 8/17

Current Medications: Lialda 4.8g daily, Azathioprine 100mg daily, Prednisone 20 mg daily. B12, Folic Acid, Primal Defense probiotic.
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Very good news indeed! Wish you the best too
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cool topic ideas i can find here ,, thanks for the posts you did .. it is interesting here
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Good outcome, and goes to show that we often know more about our own bodies than the doctors can despite modern medicine.
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Hey rorho,

54 eh' why couldn't it have waited another 54!? I hear that buddy. I wish you better health.

Nice to see you on here, (I wish you weren't sick),


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