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Probiotic Recommendation

Hi All,

My doctor wants me to go on a probiotic VSL#3 however it is way too expensive does anyone have any recommendations for an inexpensive probiotic that helps with Crohn's Disease.

Even with the coupons the VSL#3 would be $80 a month.

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We've got a few threads about probiotics on here. All you have to do is hit search and put in probiotics and they'll show up. Here are a couple to get you started. Hope this helps.
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Vsl#3 has capsules which are a lot cheaper than the prescription strength powder packets the otc vsl#3 powder packets are cheaper than the prescription as well but more expensive than the capsules

Ds takes the prescription powder
But was given permission by his GI to lower the dose after a few months
To only taking it every few days versus daily
Or taking less than a full packet

Might be worth asking your GI about
Granted Ds had to build up a good gut bacteria first
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