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Husband recently diagnosed

My husband has recently been diagnosed with Crohn's after increasing pain and diarrhoea over the past few months resulted in a colonoscopy and referral to a gastroenterologist. He was told that it was mild to moderate.
He started taking 6 Prednisone daily reducing gradually over 6 weeks - he is now down to 2. Within 2-3weeks, the diarrhoea was decreasing, he began to eat again and was getting a bit more energy. We felt that we had turned a corner.
Three weeks ago he started taking 3 Octasa daily with no side effects.
Last week he was prescribed Azathioprine (150mg daily), although he has not yet had the results from a CT scan.
Last week he bagan to have mild panic attacks and is now on antidepressants as he is feeling very low and negative about everything. He has started suffering from acute nausea and extreme exhaustion, despite having moved the Azathioprine to after dinner, hoping that he would sleep through the worst symptoms. Today he has been in bed for 5 hours this afternoon, got up for a small snack, and has gone back to bed.
He is also taking wild Norwegian Codliver oil, 10 strain probiotics, turmeric and Glutamine.
He is normally an energetic and positive person and we are both finding this very difficult.
We wonder whether it is the Azathioprine or the decreasing dosage of Prednisone.
His consultant is not very approachable and seems to expect him to just take the medication he has prescribed. There was no discussion about any side effects. He just wants to see him in 3 months after all the regular blood tests.
Does anybody have any advice about how we can help his symptoms?
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I think the prednisone will probably not be helping with his state of mind. The first time I took it I was ecstatic all the time and constantly had a buzz. The second time it was awful, and I noticed a change within 3 or 4 days of dropping the dose each week too with my moods and energy levels.

I know it's horrible, but within 2-3 weeks of being completely off the pred hopefully he will start to feel better.

Best of luck x
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Maybe you could try some iron to help with the energy level. As said above, hopefully after being off prednisone for a couple of weeks he will feel better.
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Maybe he needs a second opinion.

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