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new here

hello...I have been recently diagnosed with crohns disease and already have had a resection of my small intestine...I am 25 years old. I am very confused at what I can and cannot eat. It is so confusing and deperessing to have to stay away from all my favorite foods but i dont know which direction to turn or which foods to actually stay away from. All my doctor told me was that it differs from person to person and that you just have to experiment but thats not good enough for me. I have purchased books from amazon for more information. Can someone here offer some help to my situation? please?
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Hello mk1984,
Welcome to the forum.
Sorry to hear of your trying time and hopefully you will soon feel a bit better.
Everyone has different foods which upset them and it is a matter of finding the foods that agree and disagree.
There is a lot of info in this forum if you go through the pages.
It is too bad that your doc did not send you to a Crohn's dietician.
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Howdy mk1984,

Sorry to hear about your Crohn's diagnosis and surgery. Now that you've found yourself here, you'll find some tremendous support.

There's quite a number of good books out there, as well as online resources. The more you learn about it, the better you learn to cope with it.

Try starting a food diary. Keeping track of what you eat (and your gut's reaction) helps shape your diet. It's a process of elimination, unfortunately.

Good luck and keep us updated.
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.....Unfortunately it can be a process of elimination. The things that tend to bother me the most are high fiber foods like raw veggies, nuts, popcorn.....It really depends on the day, and how my gut is feeling. Good luck and make sure you check out the diet/nutrition threads.
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I agree with the others, particularly Imisspopcorn. The other thing to note is how you may eat a food one day and it gives you no issues, but have it again in 2 weeks and for some reason it causes problems. That's unfortunately one of the demons of this disease, that trial and error are the "science" of what you "can eat"...

Start easy, break it down to the basic foods that work for most, white rice, chicken breast, white bread, crackers, lean meat, mild flavors/toppings, some soup, etc... and slowly add in things, but in smaller servings, you don't want to wreak havoc just to experiment, because if it's the "wrong food" you don't want the red flag to kill you over a few days time while you recover, that's not the way to learn either.

Good luck.

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I agree with them too and I went through the horrible trial and error thing until I was smart enough to keep a diary. Like Chuck said this is a thousand times easier to do with small servings of very basic things. It can be very weird like for example I can eat any tossed salad with tons of thousand islands dressing on it however I cannot eat caesar salad with the caesar dressing on it without spending my whole night in a bathroom. Your doctor is right and it is a pretty horrible area of what this disease has you go through. It will also get confusing when the same things will appear in two meals you had that hurt you but it could be the things added onto it in both those meals and caused you problems. Also although I have awful times with pop(soda for some of the world) and high sugar foods I can often have a chocolate bar and pop with no problems at all if I have just eaten a nice big healthy meal that doesn't effect me. So again I will agree with everything they have said, keep a diary, generally you'll want to stay away from exsessive amounts of any food group, dairy causes a lot of Crohn's people problems, starches, anything with skin because your body already can't digest it so why make your bowel do more work for something useless, and deep fried or fast food types. I wish you the best of luck with everything and hope your get your disease under control soon.
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I too agree with all the above comments and everyone is different and I find that sometimes I can tolerate certain things and other times they make me violently ill...I find that if I feel sort of sick to begin with it doesn't really matter what I eat - it is gonna make me suffer...last night I ate a pork chop and some mac and cheese - something I have had a million times for dinner with no problem but before I ate it my gut was a bit upset and so after about an hour I felt really sick and sorry I had eaten it ...
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Welcome MK1984! Sorry - I can't make it any easier on you either - what everyone has said is so true. We just all have to take responsibility for figuring out what makes us feel ok and what doesn't - and that can vary depending on how active your disease is. I know that isn't what you wanted to hear, but it is the truth. We are here to help though - and you can always rant if you get too frustrated - we listen to those as well :O)
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Well said peaches I'm sorry I and we couldn't offer more to you but its a very unfortunate part of this and I wish I had something to rant on like this forum versus taking it out on my family when I started. I didn't know what to do because it seemed like everything. Try your best and if you have anymore questions don't be afraid to ask on here. Heck I joined yesterday and learned all kinds of new stuff. So please vent if you need but in the meantime do the best you can with narrowing it down and I'm sure you'll do just fine. I guess you could say patience is they key. Good luck and I hope your figure out what bothers you quicker than I did :P
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I hate to repeat somethings but I have found out everything on here is so true. Since getting out of the hospital I have get a journal keeping track of everything that happens to me. What I eat. How it reacts with me. I only try one new food a day. If it goes well, I try it again at another time. If not, I'll wait for a while before trying it again. I have found my staple foods for sure. I eat them quite often. They never cause me problems (knock on wood). I tried ground beef today and let's just say I won't be trying it again for awhile.
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Who is Chris???
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You know those spammers, always talking to the people inside their head and trying to get us to look up on the net to see what the RGB Histogram plugin is.
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haha IMP! That made me giggle!
Welcome to the forum mk, everyone always seems to ask me if my crohns effects what I eat. I have been diagnosed almost two years now and I still dnt have a clue. I think I need to see a dietition or something. Might be a good idea for you too.
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A very good book on this subject is "What to Eat with IBD"; and it is written by a nutritionist who has Crohn's


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