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Undiagnosed-Doctor sure it's CD-Depression setting in...


I have been suffering for a few long years with some interim diagnoses that never prove to be true. Recently, things have gone from bad to worse, at an extremely fast pace.

I started not to be able to digest any vegetables two months, first raw, then quickly even pureed and cooked. Then I started having reflux. As well, the raw and burning feeling in my whole gastro tract started to be worse and gnawing. My stomach started to swell up continuously and I started pooping water and undigest food chunks. WHen I say undigested, I mean whole foods, in their same shape and colour. Ie. I ate fish eggs at sushi, and they came out whole...same thing with oranges.

My gastro was worried so he did a gastroscopy. It came out looking like my stomach and esophagus had a sunburn, with the skin peeling off. The doctor said I had enosinophilic esophagitis and a probable stricture in my small intestine. However, the biopsy was inconclusive.

Now, the insurance company has refused the video capsule. I am getting an MRI again on monday. I say again because numerous times it has come back and the contrast failed. At this point I think my body failed to accept it lol.

My pain has gotten worse. My sense of TASTE is leaving!! I can't taste anything, my favorite foods or wine! My skin is horrible. I had one event of pooping blood. I keep pooping acid water. I am having a hard time getting things down, or wanting to eat. My solution is drinking alcohol, if I have enough alcohol I can eat, though I regret it.

I am getting increasingly depressed! I have always been resilient, but this last failure to get a clear diagnosis, and the worsening of everything like a landslide has made me not care about anything. Not my phd, not my health....nothing but my kind husband. I used to love cooking and used it to relax, now I can't. My only respite is the gym, it's the only normal thing I can do.

I did 23andMe and ran it through; apparently, I have both the NOD2/CARD15 gene and the JAK2 gene among others which are highly occurring in Crohn's patients. Furthermore, my Ubiome results show the same as in the medical literature. High bactereoide bacteria, almost no lactobacillus or fusobacteria. Apparently they can distinguish CD and UC patients through their gut microbiome!!

Can anyone comment on anything that I have said here. I need as much hope as possible! Just trying to keep it together, worried that the MRI won't show anything....

Thank you all for this forum!!
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Hi. I would talk to someone professionally who can help with the depression. I also wonder about being admitted to the hospital with the symptoms you are describing. I hope they can get you relief soon. Keep us updated.

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