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SIBO testing & Diet

I debated on asking this here or in the diet section and wasn't sure, it pertains to diet but the scope relates more heavily to SIBO.

I scheduled a SIBO test for next month, and as I'm reading over the SIBO testing requirements, for one week prior I'll have to eat a low fiber, no-sugar, no-dairy diet in order to 'starve' the potential SIBO bacteria.

Unfortunately my diet currently hinges on sugar, high fiber and milk. The bulk of my diet is literally oatmeal.

These problems are two fold:
-My restrictions on what I can eat without symptoms are so tight that my options are almost non-existent
-I strongly believe the current diet is a large part of why my symptoms are so manageable and I'm afraid that not eating the high fiber diet will cause a relapse of symptoms.

Considering my symptoms seemed most tame by a diet that would provoke SIBO, should I rule out SIBO as a concern, or should I suffer through for a week to be sure?

It seems to me if sugar and diet are a SIBO concern then my symptoms should be getting worse instead of better on this diet.
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