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Flare up advice

I was initially diagnosed with crohns about two years ago and have always been very well. I was not taking any medication and was in denial that I had crohns as I was so well.
Fast forward to the end of July, I experienced for first proper flare up. Constant need to run to the toilet with some urgency. For the last three/ four weeks I have been having my current flare up. Things are settling I can now eat small amounts without running to the toilet but bowel moments are still frequent and urgent I seem to suffer most in the early hours of the morning.
I'm basically looking for some advice
How do you manage a flare up
Roughly how long do your symptoms last for
Any advice you can provide
Sorry for the ramble
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Welcome. Stay on a bland diet. Try some nutrition shakes. I think it will depend on how bad the flare is to determine how long the symptoms last. Everyone is different. I hope it is a short flare.
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Have you spoken to your GI about your current flare? He or she might have some good suggestions.
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Step 1 is definitely get in to see your doctor if you haven't yet. Beyond that, a huge part of getting flares under control for me has been diet. I had my second flare since diagnosis last winter. I was put on prednisone and also ate only boiled and pureed veggies (mostly carrots, spinach, squash) and meat cooked without any oil (baked chicken or fish with just lemon juice, salt, pepper), raw bananas, hardboiled eggs, and gelatin made with 100% juice...very close to the intro diet phase of the specific carbohydrate diet. Best wishes to you!! Hope you start feeling better soon!
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Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately I cannot get an apt until December. I have had a look into the specific carbohydrate diet and am going to take some ideas from this on board.
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I think you cant wait for an appointment till december and dont have any endoscopic check up for two years with no medication. In case of long period of inflammation there can be irreversible damage on your gi tract. You should maybe look for another doctor.
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Also the long term course of your disease may depend on how you control it at the beginning.

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