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I had pizza after 18months!

So like alot of us on here, i have lactose intolerance due to my crohns. I was hanging onto anything i could get away with, and mozzarella was the last thing that i had to stop.
And its been so depressing, im such a fan of all things cheesy. And having the free from versions i just didnt like but did stick with lacto free if i did make cheesy things.
Well after years of lacto free foods, and 18months of complete lacto free diet, i got into the best place in my strictured crohns years. Due to the medication i have been obstruction free since January, although i still have regular flare ups (theyre not quite as bad as before though). I decided to try the Lactic Enzyme pills, and to test milk foods. At first i tried KFC, which i had flared over before and the pills worked!! No reaction at all. And worked my way up to a garlic bread, small pizza and a cookie from dominos on saturday night! And still no reaction! Im so pleased theyve worked! Atleast i know i can have the odd treat with them now. Cant wait for my birthday! Lol.
Has anyone else had good or bad results from these pills?
I got mine at Holland and Barrett and are expensive but so worth it for me. I did get clearance from my GI to take them, and did wait years to get to a fairly decent place to try.
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I an glad they worked for you. It has been tears since I had one. I might have to try again. I think they worked for me before
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You can find mozzarellas without lactose. Even regular mozzarella have very few lacotse in it.
KFC and Dominos are not great food in my opinion, especially for pizza ;D but thats good you enjoyed it

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