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Extreme morning sickness

Every single morning I wake up with this urge to throw up and I feel nauseated as hell, with mostly lots of trapped gas and this takes about 30 mins or something to go away as I start taking pills for the nausea and trapped gas, but I wish that there was a way to stop it from happening, because it affects my mood in the morning badly.

I have been having this for months now and the best my doctor could achieve is to get it to stop after I wake up, but he says that he says that those meds I'm taking should stop it from happening altogether.

Does anyone else have this? Have you done anything to stop it and it worked?

P.S: I'm currently flaring.
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I hope that the doctor can get it stopped soon. I wonder if he needs to change your meds?
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It might be worth getting scopes/scans done. My suspicion based on your comment of trapped gas is that you have some narrowing or inflammation going on.
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I agree with ron and shamrock. What are the meds you taking?

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