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Lab test back//UTI??

Some of you may know that I have been having quite a few issues lately with my Crohn's. I have been absolutely and utterly exhausted every day and I believe I may have a fistula. I went and seen a new GI last week since mine retired. He ordered a bunch of tests that I was hoping would answer some questions.

After the long weekend of waiting my results are in. My wbc count, sed rate, and CRP are all normal!!!!

My B12 levels are low, I will look into getting monthly injections with my PCP.

Most interesting to me is my UA, it came back quite abnormal. They did a culture and sensitivity for it. Looks like an E.Coli infection that is resistant to penicillin and bactrim.

My GI believes this confirms the presence of a fistula and I am off to see the colo-rectal surgeon this week. I do not know yet if they will put me on a different antibiotic or wait for surgeon.

Did anyone else experience chronic UTIs? What were they attributed too (other than our not so great immune system)?

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I have issues with my bladder all the time. More often than not, I have overactive bladder that doesn't empty completely. This last few weeks I've been peeing even more than usual with urgency pain but no burning when I go. Peed for the doc on Saturday, and they said there was no bacteria present.

Crohn's Disease Forum » General IBD Discussion » Lab test back//UTI??
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