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Update on latest test results, would love thoughts please

Hi folks, I posted on this lovely forum at the end of June see below....

Hi all,
Firstly I am not diagnosed but really wanted some insight into the possibility of IBD after a recent upper endoscopy. My GP had arranged this procedure due to my problems with long standing acid reflux and upper abdominal fullness and pain.

Although this was the reason for my endoscopy I have had years of intermittent and unpredictable diarrhoea and tummy cramps. This had been put down to IBS after an upper and lower endoscopy 4 years ago showed nothing.

So the GI consultant saw me after the procedure and told me my gullet seemed fine but he was surprised to see some apthous ulcers in my duodenum. In his report he wrote 'ulcerated localised mucosa' and 'erosions x3 apthous type'
He had done an H pylori test which was negative and previously been negative. He asked me if I used anti-inflammatories much (I don't) as apparently this is the other main cause of erosive duodenitus.

The pathology report said...

'Clinical details, heartburn/reflux, duodenal apthous, ulceration ?, crohns.
Biopsy shows 2 fragments of small bowel mucosa, towards the edge of one fragment there is surface ulceration, fibrinous excudate and secondary epithelial regenerative changes. There is no evidence of malignancy. No organisms are identified. Granulomata are not present. The features are regarded as non specific active inflammation and ulceration.''s been a month since I posted with my biopsy results. I saw the GI consultant again. He sent me for an MRI small bowel study with contrast and a fecal calprotectin test. I've just had the results of these . The MRI showed nothing abnormal but the FC test was borderline at 62. He has decided to retest in 6 months.

Am I right in thinking this is pretty unlikely to be due to IBD considering the extremely high results I've seen some people have ? Has anyone else had a borderline result like this ? If so what was the outcome ?

Thanks in advance peeps 😊
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If it's crohn's it looks like a very mild form, so you could be lucky and control it more simply than in extended disease from ileum to colon...
Be sure to be retested every 6 months and follow a treatment in case your doctor give you one to be sure it doesn't extend.

I heard calprotectin may be less specific in case of disease in the upper gi tract as the protein tested can vanish slightly through the intestine, so it is a better marker ot the inflammation in case of disease in the colon.

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