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One day post op EUA, abscess drainage and seton placement

Hi all, I've had crohns disease for 25 years but I am brand new to the world of perianal abscesses and setons. I wanted to share my story as reading about everyones different experiences, advice and journeys over the past few days has been invaluable. I also have a few questions if anyone can help.

About two weeks ago I was having what I thought was haemorrhoid symptoms with a painful lump on the inside of my leg next to my anus and pain with BM's. Went to the GP and external examination revealed that it was an abscess. She started me on a course of antibiotics which had zero effect and everything got worse. Sitz baths and a hot pack were the only things that provided some very temporary relief. More swelling, more pain etc so back to a different GP in the same surgery 3 days ago. She advised that I needed to have and Examination Under Anaesthesia (EUA) to have a good look at what was going on.

Admitted through ER on same day (Monday). By this point I was in so much pain I couldn't sit AT ALL, standing was barely an option - the pain gave me heart palpitations and I felt like I was going to pass out. Thank goodness for intravenous pain meds! I took everything they would give me especially after two very painful digital rectal exams, and within a few hours was at the point where I could think again, even though I was still in a fair amount of pain.

They scheduled me for an EUA the following day. They discovered a very large abscess high up with a fistula. The docs drained the abscess and inserted a seton. The pain after the op was manageable, they gave me meds and IV antibiotics, standing up was fairly comfortable, sitting was still quite sore but much better after the abscess pressure was relieved and lying down was pretty good.

But man oh man was I scared to poop! Imagining all kinds of horrible pain.
Turns out I was scared for nothing. The BM itself was not painful at all, but it is all a bit tender down there for wiping of course, and the seton feels really strange, like a kind of strange funky piercing or something.

Today one day post op I feel like I have been run over by a bus, every muscle aches. Sitting/lying is the most comfortable for me, but it hurts pretty bad to walk around.


1. There was a fair bit of discharge/draining yesterday and this morning, but it has really slowed up this afternoon. Is this normal? Is it because they drained the abscess while I was under so there isn't a lot left to drain?

2. Is it normal to feel achy everywhere after this kind of op?

3. How long should it be before I can expect to be walking around without a lot of pain?

4. Aside from the whole feeling sick, or high temperature thing are there any other things I should be on the look out for post op that might be a concern I need to take to the doctor? I have a follow up appointment to check my wounds in a week, a specialist appointment in a month and back for my next EUA in two months to see how the fistula is healing and possible repositioning of the seton.

Thanks so much!

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