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IBD and C-Section Kids

I decided to search the internet to see if c-section deliveries and autoimmune diseases/Crohn's disease were related. I found some very interesting articles. My son was c-section and was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at 15. Has anyone else heard of this and if this is the case, I hope they pass this info on to those who elect to have c-sections, but not medically necessary.

They say you can swab down the c-section baby with the mom's bacteria as if it were a natural birth. This will help the baby's immune system. So interesting, yet this is the first I ever heard of this.
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Nope both kids were vaginal births
And still had Crohns with one of them
There are a ton of theories
Including too many abx at a young age
Formula over breastfeeding
Ear infections etc...
Not enough diet in their environment
Too much dirt
Too many farm animals
Not enough pets

But ...
And none of them hold water for kids with Crohns
Not that simple unfortunately
Csection over vaginial birth is not the answer either

Been looking for over 7 years
Ds was. At age 7
So for now we chose to look forward instead of backwards
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All my kids were vaginal home births. But there definitely are some studies showing this. We have discussed it here on the forum a while back.

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It is so difficult when you come across information like this only to have what you thought were answers dashed.

My two were normal vaginal births too. There is a poll on the forum about this exact subject...
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Agreed, it's complicated. Last I'd heard at a talk, scientists generally think it's an unlucky combo of genetic disposition (inherent), with some environment primer (diet, antibiotics, pollution?), and a trigger (infection, then immune system never stops).

Not that it can't hurt to try the probiotic/biome immersion/breastfeeding etc. But there's no 1 cause.
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Vaginal birth here too for all 4 - only one with IBD, also my IBDer had no antibiotics in the first year of her life, - symptoms from 9 - 10 months .. so I dont know.

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