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Son going in for scopes

Hey everyone, my son goes in for scopes on Wednesday. Hopefully his disease is still in remission, but symptoms are not great.
He has started with stomach jerking (not sure how else to explain it) It happens after he's spent a lot of time on the toilet pushing. He sits and sort of pushes/jerks his tummy for hours after. He says it doesn't hurt but can't stop it His gp thinks its in his head but not so sure!!
He also keeps crying out at how itchy his bum is !
Finally at the beginning of July, he started complaining of joint pain in his left knee and fingers. Could anything be linked?
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Joint pain is common with Crohns
Joints need to be handled by a rheumatologist
Does your child see a pediatric GI ?
Typically the GI handles Crohns not GP

Never heard of belly "jerking"
Does your child have other tics ?
How old is your child and when was he dx with Crohns ?
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I would also say that the joint pain means that he should be seen by a rheumatologist. Some kids have arthralgia (joint pain) with Crohn's and others have arthritis. If they have arthritis, that may change his treatment, so it's important to get him seen.

I haven't ever heard of the belly "jerking" either.

Has his GI checked his bottom recently? Could be hemorrhoids, especially if he is pushing a lot. I'd let his GI know so they make sure to look at the scope. Have you tried using something like Desitin or Calmoseptine on his bottom?
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Update - he has had scopes. All they could tell me for now is that he had nodules throughout digestive tract , from esophagus all the way through! No idea what that means!
Just waiting on biopsies now! He was never diagnosed with Crohn's, it was colitis in 2014. remission in March, off meds and then in a mess again by end of April/May. Continued to worsen with hours spent on the loo!

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