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Multiple kids with IBD?

I have Crohn's, my 15-year-old son was diagnosed with Crohn's in April, and now we're looking at the possibility of my 10-year-old daughter having it. Anyone else have this lousy disease AND multiple kids with it too? I seriously want to cry and then call my doctor for a Valium!!
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There are two parents here with two kids having Crohns

Hope they can help you figure out quickly if your Dd has the disease

Fwiw shortly after Ds was dx my nonibd kiddo was having GI issues

Ds GI rushed the other kiddo in for scope within a week due to Ds history
Turns out the other kiddo did not have Crohns at all
-just Severe lactose intolerance

It's nerve-racking when they even suggest Crohns though

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There are a couple parents here with two kiddos with IBD. Hopefully they'll chime in soon. I can tag crohnsinct and bethhall3434.

I have two with juvenile arthritis, but only one with IBD. It is definitely tough.
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I'm with you. My 12 year old was diagnosed last summer. I have 2 younger ones that have been on watch - but in the last few weeks really spiraled. Our GI did not rush to scopes, but now ordered on the one - as lost too much weight. Will see on the other when see GI.

I'm hoping that its multiple food intolerances and/or lesser disease (was the case with another child that was scoped but not IBD). We have eliminated a lot of foods and that clearly helps - with one child maybe enough, the other helps but still pain.

The stress of this situation is really crazy.

My Crohn's kid, this month we nicknamed last one standing and is doing amazing right now, which is a saving grace.
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Hey RippMama,

I don't have Crohn's but my two kids do. So know how you are feeling right now and it sucks big time!

Hoping that you soon have answers and it proves not to be Crohn's.

Thinking of you and sending loads of luck!
Mum of 2 kids with Crohn's.
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I have one who was diagnosed years ago. A second who is being watched and hopefully scoped soon. I'd bet money he has it also, now that I look back on history with first son. Two others kids seem fine. Although one did recently have a week where she had pain in LRQ. All I could think was NO! Thankfully she has been fine since then.

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