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Has anyone had any experience with antibiotics for crohn's. I keep reading that antibiotics might help control some of the bacterial overgrowth. However, my IBD doc hasn't mentioned antibiotics. I feel like it can be worth a try. The doc did state that taking antibiotics can sometimes even exacerbate crohn's. I am a little confused. Some sources say antibiotics might be beneficial, while others say otherwise.
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Depends on the type of antibiotics
Flagyl and cipro are often used in Crohns
These are used since they also reduce inflammation
they come with risks
Crohns patients are at high risk for cdiff
And abx including flagyl or cipro have high rate of c diff for Crohns patients
C diff in Crohns can be deadly

It can also cause a bad Crohns flare which can take a long time to heal from or have to stay in the hospital

Maintenance meds are needed
6-mp /aza /mtx
And biologics

Good luck
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Probiotics help balance the good bacteria with the bad.
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My son was on Flagyl (Metronidazole) for a 6 month period, 3 months pre op and 3 months post op. He did have complications of fistula and abscess, so infection, and I would think this would be the more likely reason for it rather than just a treatment for uncomplicated Crohn's alone.

Flagyl does have anti inflammatory properties as well but not to the extent that it would override other IBD meds.
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I've found anti biotics help me son much. In cipro at the moment. Have a read about anti map therapy.


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When I was first diagnosed in 2011, I was put on Cipro, Flagyl and Pentasa. It stopped the diarrhea, but not the inflammation. I progressed to severe fistulising Crohn's rather quickly, and had to go on Remicade and azathioprine before achieving remission. I also got peripheral neuropathy from Flagyl and had to use a cane for over a year. So no, they don't work for everybody.

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