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Seton wire

Hi, new here and just looking for some advice.

I'm not sure if Im posting in the right section but basically I developed a perianal abscess and had it incised and drained on the 23rd of Aug. It came back a few days later so I had it drained again on the 29th.

I was doing ok until the 5th when it started to get sore again and I ended up in hospital on Saturday to have it drained again.

The dr explained that the abscess had formed between two muscles so there was a pocket at the top a thinner part in the middle then a pocket at the bottom. The thinner part was healing before the top pocket which was causing it to return so whilst not a fistula, they fitted a seton wire to keep it open and allow it to heal fully.

Im here as I am supposed to be going on holiday to the Dominican Republic on Thursday for a fortnight. The dr at the hospital said she thinks I would be fine to go but I was wondering if people who have experience with them thought it would be ok?

I had never heard of them before waking up in the recovery room with one so have no idea what to expect.

any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Crohn's Disease Forum » Surgery » Seton wire
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