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Mild Crohns

Hello all.

I have been diagnosed with ulcers in terminal ileum and proctitis in the rectum. Biopsy says Crohn's.

So a few questions:

1) My doctor says- diet restriction is not needed as I am only in my 20s. He says since I am young eating too bland and restricting a lot of food items will be harmful in the long run. Except lactose. However most people in the internet say otherwise. What should I do?

2) Why do I have problem with almost all non veg food- egg, poultry, red meat? However I can digest veggies!? Isn't the opposite true- at least egg whites?

3) Finally- can this be cured? Can I start lactose and gluten once I am symptoms free?

My doctor says it can't be however people online claim otherwise!?

Symptoms: bloating, strange pains all over the stomach and rectum, however they last only few seconds. BM- only once however watery when not having a proper diet. Eg- gluten, lactose, roughage free, and non veg food.

Medication- Mesalamine 400gms twice, B12, folic acid and colospa. Colospa as the doctor also suspects IBS.
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Welcome. Personally, I would say stick to foods you know won't upset your system. Also, it can't be cured.
Diagnosed in 1990. On Humira, Imuran, Gabapentin, Colestipol, Synthroid, Lialda. Resection in April of 2010. Allergic to Remicade, Penicillin, Flagyl, Doxycycline. Thyroid issues and psoriasis and neuropathy and mild cerebral palsy. Mild arthritis in my lower back.
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Ds was dx at age 7 and now is almost 14

Crohns unfortunately CANNOT be cured
It can be managed
Your doctor has been doing this a long time and more than likely basis things on scientific evidence
The internet posters do not have to prove anything they say

Some have tried diet
Specific carbohydrate diet (scd ) has some proven success in kids but they tend to lose weight from the restrictions

Een (exclusive enteral nutrition-formula only no solid food -such as boost peptamen vionex etc...) can be used in kids instead of steriods for 6-8 weeks to reduce inflammation
But Data doesn't show as good results for adults since sticking to it is very hard

Once food is reintroduced een loses the magical power to heal the gut
So very short term

Partial een 80 % formula /20% food works in some kiddie cards as maintenance
Again the number of success drops with adults

Even kids the numbers are really low

Trigger food is very very individual
And can change with Time
What my kiddo could eat at dx and now differs greatly

If your questioning your doc
Then please get a second opinion from another ibd specialist
Not the internet
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Thanks a lot for the suggestions.

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