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Metronidazole(Flagyl) questions

So I've been prescribed a 7-day course of Metronidazole(Flagyl) for a fistula. Haven't started yet. A few questions:
  • It seems like quite a few people get diarrhoea and frequent movements while on it. I'm a bit apprehensive about that when my BM's have been really good and solid for ages. How quickly do you folks usually experience side effects (and what side effects)?
  • Does it clear up when you're done with the course? Although I'm only on it for 7 days, which probably isn't too long. By the looks of it, some people are on it for months at a time.
  • I just read that there's such a thing as Metronidazole suppositories. Has anyone used those before? It sounds like (at a guess) that that might have been more appropriate than the oral form I'm to take.

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I had side effects from flsgyl and they disappeared soon after I stopped the medication. I experienced numbness in my hands.
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I developed pancreatitus when on Flagyl so had to stop as well.
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Hi artheta,

I was on that medicine off and on for years. The worst trouble I had was a taste of tinfoil in my mouth, although it did cause the runs at times. I believe I wasn't allowed to drink any alcohol either. If it were me I would take it as directed and report any serious side effects. I would also look into a good probiotic, such as VSL#3 when you are finished your course of antibiotics. I have heard of people that take the probiotics during the course of flagyl, but the pharmacist said that you must take the probiotic 2-3 hours after the flagyl or it does not survive the antibiotics well.

Here is a link to more info...,flagyl.html

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My son was on Flagyl for 6 months. Three months pre op at full dose, three months post op at half dose.

He had no side effects but did find the brand significantly more palatable than the generic. The brand had a smooth coating whereas the generic had a powdery coating.
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Thanks for the answers folks... here goes!

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