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Partial blockage - Intussusception


I'm struggling with what to do, so I'm seeking a little advice.

Quick background. I still haven't been fully diagnosed with Crohn's. Mom has it (diagnosed in her mid 50's) after removing part of her small bowel. I have a positive Prometheus test for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I also have several CT scans that revealed wall thickening over the last seven years, but Crohn's has never been confirmed on a scope. Also, I had one pill cam that was negative about six years ago.

Twelve days ago, I spent two days in the hospital with a partial blockage. Evidently, it was due to Intussusception in the Jejunum found on CT Scan two days prior to admission. The partial blockage was confirmed on an x-ray at the hospital. I was put on a liquid diet while in the hospital and released without a follow-up scan to see if the Intussusception was resolved.

I'm having symptoms of a partial-blockage again today. My abdomen is extremely bloated, pain has returned on my right side, and I've had thin insignificant stools over the last couple of days.

I messaged the new gastro through the patient portal, and she said check with my primary care doctor if symptoms get worse. I was referred to this gastro after my hospital stay. My old gastro moved to Florida two months ago, so I had to find a new one anyway.

My question is this. Should I just wait until things get worse before contacting a physician? In worse, I mean a complete blockage?

Also, from what I understand, Intussusception in adults is usually caused by inflammatory bowel disease, malignancy, or polyps. I'm guessing it's related to undiagnosed crohn's in my case. The CT mentioned the possibility of a tumor, but it was noted as "less likely".
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I would contact your physician now.
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Definitely contact your GP or GI now. If you need to go to the hospital again your doctor can phone over in advance so they are expecting you. Have you already switched to just clear liquids? That's pretty much all you can do at home. Hope you feel better soon.
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Ok, will do. Thanks much Jabee and Ron!

Blockages are a new experience for me. I was behind the curve on switching to liquids, but I did yesterday.
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Just to advise as well, you don't want to have too many CT scans due to the radiation risk. MREs would be better (MRI with contrast) and may also reveal different findings. I would also suggest a fecal calproctectin and perhaps another pill cam / upper and lower scope. Your gastro doesn't sound too helpful.
What are your symptoms?

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Thanks for the heads up Eleanor!

Yea, I'm not tickled with the new gastro's response.

I'm having abdominal pain. Mostly right side which matches the CT results. Under normal circumstances I have 4 bowel movements a day, but I'm having trouble going at times now (last couple of weeks).

Stools vary. Usually lots of cramping with little results. When the blockage resolves a little, I have a hard stool followed by watery diarrhea, every time. Then it cycles back to a blockage. Reflux is pretty bad when I feel stopped up. I also have extreme bloating.

I have pretty bad joint pain and fatigue in the blockage cycle.
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Oh yea, some of the stools are very thin. A little bigger than a pencil.
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Sorry to hear about your issues!

I've had several blockages in my lifetime. First thing you need to do is put yourself on a low residue diet.

Second thing is find a new GI. One who is more pro active. Diagnosis is not always easy but there are steps to take to get to the bottom of things. Seems like your current GI is looking to pass the buck.

Stay on the low residue diet until you have some sort of game plan.

Good luck!
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Thanks much Produff! I'll definitely review the diet info.

I've had three gastros over the years. Two were great, but they moved to Florida. Over 10 hr drive from here. One was a complete jerk, so I changed after two visits with him.

It's so difficult choosing one.

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