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My experience so far

I was diagnosed mid May 2017 with Colitis, and told by my Dr that it can be managed by drugs - then told I would attended a clinic mid July to start the course of medication. At the end of June, I started to feel unwell and lost my appetite- I hadn't eaten for 3 days so went to my Dr, who sent me to the hospital - 'for checks and to give me some fluids' 2 days later sent home feeling slightly better. 4 days later back to hospital again feeling worse. 7 weeks later I small home with a Stoma bag, and wandering how all this happened!

I am very new to this - I hadn't really started to understand Colitis and was blissfully unaware of Stoma's and bags etc. Now I have a mucus fistula and ileostomy. So a double whammy!

I just wanted to say hello! Thanks for reading.
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Welcome. I hope you feel better soon. Feel free to come here anytime.
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It is quite a shock believe me I know! One good thing is that your symptoms received swift attention. I went 3 years in and out of hospitals. I finally ended up in ICU for a month severely malnourished with no ability to walk. Was rushed 200 miles away for a horrific 6 hour surgery. Over 2ft of intestines removed along with most of my colon. Imagine my surprise. So yes I completely understand what you are going through. Mine all happened in April 2016 finally had all drain tubes and central lines removed this January. Still at times can't wrap my head around the bag. It does get easier and many times it can be reversed. Without that bag you may not be here. Finding the right bag system helps tremendously! Eventually you stop worrying about leaks and find you can do almost everything you did before. I hope this helps your in my prayers.

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Wow, thatís all happened very fast you poor thing. Sending support, you wonít go wrong posting here. Everyone is lovely and completely understands
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