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6MP and more frequent flu and colds

I was diagnosed with Crohns about 15 years ago. I am a 53 year old female. Extreme weight loss at first, but back to a decent weight and holding - up and down during flares. Have been on Remicade and Humira and both quit working after a few years. Doses of Prednisone up to 40mg at times, Asacol, and many others that I cannot remember from a decade ago. I am currently on 6MP. Have been on it for a year and a half. Am currently remission with the ever present minor flare up if I stray from my low residue diet. I am wondering if anyone else on 6MP has colds and flu almost every other month that linger for days or a week. I also have increased fatigue with the med and daily nausea. Double edged sword for me - 6MP puts me into remission but the side effects are miserable. Any advice or experiences in general would be helpful. I have an HR person that hasn't liked me since the first day she laid eyes on me and has been hassling me about my Crohns whenever she can as well. She demanded 4 different letters from my Dr. and at one point I was considering legal counsel. And having time off from work more than my peers is a huge red flag so I am often working when I should be home resting since HR is looking for a reason to make trouble. Any insights to any of this thread would be extremely helpful.
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Advice please!
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I know that sime medicines for Crohn's disease can lower the immune system. I am sorry the HR person is acting like this. I hope things turn around soon.
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1leela, Your company must have an absent policy so I would obtain that so you are familiar with it regarding any punitive actions. Also if you don't have FMLA then I would obtain that as well. You can get an intermittent FMLA to take time off only as needed and then you would be protected. I did that when my son was dx. with Crohn's. It makes the stress of calling in sick to work a lot easier. Good luck!
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Definitely look into Fmla
It's good for 1 year
And can be renewed each year
So if your sick or caring for someone who is sick
You can take off the time that is needed
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I feel like I have had more cold and allergy like symptoms since going on Imuran which is a immunosuppresent. Although the evidence that it is the cause is not there. Just my observation. Hope your job wises up!
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Yes I'm currently suffering from a horrible cold at the moment, trying not to cough too much so I don't go into full blown bronchitis. It is miserable. My advice, (which you may already be doing) is:
  • Try to limit alcohol
  • Be vigilent about washing hands - perhaps even carry around a small bottle of handwash
  • Try to keep warm - I think my cold has been triggered by the recent drop in weather tempatures and going outside in clothes that did not keep me warm enough
  • A real big one - ensure you get enough sleep

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