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So much excess mucus cant stop coughing

I've been diagnosed with Crohn's since 2009, and I'm really lucky because my meds generally keep it under control - I know some people get it really bad.

My issue, which is getting worse is that my tummy is creating more and more mucus - this doesn't come out in my stools as far as I'm aware, but my persistent coughing fits are getting worse and worse. I'm just always full of the horrible stuff, and when I think about it that has been the case for years, its just got worse.

The coughing fits are so frequent and persistent that a lot of people around me are getting quite alarmed by it. I have to use the phone a lot in my job and that's difficult when you can't speak.

I don't know if there's a link to my crohn's or not - but it seems to be getting worse at the moment while I'm under a lot of stress both personally and at work. There are also food triggers - things like coffee that irritate my gut and strangely, anything sugary, but sometimes it seems like any food can be a trigger.

I've had scans, x-rays and been checked out by ENT and there is no sinister cause. I have seen the GP a couple of times and have Omeprazole, which helps a bit. I was advised to take Omeprazole twice daily, but it upset my tummy, so I stick to once.

What I'm wondering is whether the crohns might be causing this, and if so, is there anything the docs could give me that might help?
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Have your doctors offered any explanation for the excess mucous? Do you have reflux? I know severe reflux can cause lung issues, and I actually take dexilant twice a day (60 mg x2). My reflux is fairly severe and when I start coughing (when I have no cold, of course), itís usually my reflux. But itís usually a dry cough. Iím wondering if reflux could be irritating your lungs. Have you had an endoscopy to check for reflux? Iím sure you have and Iím just asking dumb questions. Have you been exposed to any lung-based viruses or bacteria? And what medication are you on? Have you spoken to your GI or your GP about it?
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Hi. I don't know if the Crohn's disease is causing if or not. I would call either your gi or gp and ask about a medicine to alleviate it and at the same time not contradict what you are on for the Crohn's disease.
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Sometimes mild reflux cannot be seen in endoscopy or imagery. That is what an ENT dr told me. if Omeoprazole seems to help you a bit I would continue to investigate the reflux hypothesis.

Elevate the head of your bed about 6 inches by putting blocks under the legs.

make sure you go to bed with empty stomach or minimal food inside. Eat at least 3-4 hours before lying down.

Avoid tight clothing and watch your weight as extra pounds increases abdominal pressure

Coffee, tea, colas and alcohol are irritants

these are all ENT advices.

And it is easy to find anti-reflux diets, foods to avoid in order to fight reflux on the web.

If your voice continues to be affected, consider an appointment with an orthophonist. They have very good advices to help the larynx relax and the voice. maybe your ENT dr can give a prescription to see one at the hospital
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Thanks for your replies.

Doctor thought it is reflux, and prescribed Omeprazole, which helps a bit, although its got a lot worse recently. I have been to see ENT who took a look down my throat and didn't find anything. They suggested doubling up the Omeprazole dose, which i tried but this upset my tummy. I take quite a lot of mesazilne and when I need it (as now) prednisilone steroids.

I have had scans that would pick up lung based diseases, and i don't think it is a bacterial infection.

I would love to be watching my weight and cutting down on coffee but I am under so much stress and pressure right now that I just can't. I accept though that this could well be a contributory factor, and I will look into the dietary issues.

I appreciate all the help and advice.

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