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I'm New to the forum, but have had Crohns since 1971 (46 years). The Crohns started during a time of stress at work. Both of my twin daughters have Crohns also (started the last year of college). I had emergency surgery at the time of diagnosis and 3 since for adhesions from the original surgery. I have been on multiple different drugs, including Sulfa, Imuran, Budesonide (now stopped with side effects) and will be restarting Imuran shortly. I was on Remicade for 13 years and have now switched to Humira. Most of the time I have been in remission and working steady, but about to finally retire.
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Welcome. I hope you stay in remission. Congratulations on your retirement. Feel free to come here anytime.
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Welcome. I hope you'll share your experience with us
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Thanks for sharing. It is really encouraging for me to hear that you can go through a full working life with this disease and reach a well-earned retirement
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Hey, welcome to the forum,

I'm glad to hear you've experienced remission most of the time, it's always encouraging to see people doing well and maintaining a mostly normal life. Im sure you have lots of insights and tips to share with us all and I look forward to seeing you around the forum.

Fingers crossed you get on well with the imuran and can continue to experience good health so that you are able to enjoy your well earned retirement.


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