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sharon j.
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Hi Everyone,

I have Crohn's disease, Short Bowel Syndrome with 3' of remaining small intestine and no colon due to Ulcerative Colitis. Absorption & dehydration are a huge issue. For reasons that are way too lengthy to mention now, I had to search for an adjunct medication to help me with the dumping that my current medication isn't covering. (I am currently getting bi-weekly depo I.M. injections of Sandostatin (30mg).

Saltsticks electrolyte capsules. You can buy them online. I take them throughout the day. NO ADJUNCT MEDICATION HAS WORKED THIS WELL. NOT CODEINE, NOT OXYCODONE, NOT TRAMADOL. I did some research and here's how I understand them to work:

When you're dehydrated, which I'm imagining most of us are, your body doesn't produce enough HCL (hydrochloric acid) in the stomach. Low HCL production = insufficient release of magnesium salts. Insufficient release of magnesium salts = poor absorption. Which then will lead to dehydration and the cycle just continues. If I take the capsules throughout the day I don't dump, I'm not weak and tired, I'm not in pain from lactic acidosis and my energy, which I never have, is through the roof.

IronMan participants swear by this because they have to eat and drink WHILE racing, which is not conducive to sufficient digestion. Their reason may be different but their result is the same as ours; poor absorption and digestion.

Maybe this can help someone else

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Hi Sharon, what do you mean when you say 'Dumping'?

And was the main issue that you have resolved the dehydration?

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