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RVF? How did they find yours?

For several months Iíve been having feces in my V area. I know Iím not imagining this. Happens all the time when I wipe and sometimes leaks out.

Just had a CT scan and I saw the report. Didnít seem like they found anything. (Editing to say they did see wall thickening and inflammation-typical crohns stuff but nothing about a fistula)

From my research this isnít always the best way? I feel like Iím going crazy. If they found a fistula they were going to start me on Remicade. Now I doubt they will. Should I ask for another test like an MRI? Advice please. I have a follow up in November. They havenít called me about the CT results. I just read the report on the hospital website.
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Wishing you the best.
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Wishing you the best.
Thank you! Appreciate it.

I do still think I have a fistula (maybe an MRI would have showed better) but regardless they have decided to go ahead with the Remicade. So I'm relieved about that. Now to wait on approval for that.
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Mine showed up on an MRI. It must have been small, because I mostly had air coming out of it. Once I got on Remicade, it closed. I hope you get approval quickly.
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Mine were confirmed via barium imaging...wasn't a fun procedure, but definitely showed where things were coming out from places they weren't supposed to!!

I would ask about having that done.....

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