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Surprise! Inflammation Despite Biologic

Hi Everyone,

It has been awhile since I have been on here, I guess because my Crohn's has been pretty under control (with the help of Cimizia) for the last few years. Possibly not anymore, however.

I saw my GI last week for my yearly follow up. Overall, I have been feeling pretty okay with about 3 BMs per day and some minor pain. I did mention to her that there has been a little more frequent pain recently, but I was not too concerned because everything else seemed completely fine. I also think I might have IBS as well which could have been causing the pain. Anyway, my GI ordered all the normal labs plus a Fecal Calprotectin "just to be sure" things were as quiet as I suspected.

And then, Surprise! My labs were all wacky! High WBC, high platelets, anemic, and fecal calprotectin at 480. Now that is certainly not the highest FC I have seen on this forum, but it came as such a surprise because I have been feeling pretty good and I have been on a biologic! Ugh. This disease. Anyway, I am back on steroids for a few weeks right now until we figure out what to do next.

Has anybody else been in this situation? Did your GI just have you do a course of steroids to get back to remission or did you end up having to switch biologics all together? I am really hoping this is just a little minor short-term inflammation and not a sign a major flare is coming.
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Hoping the best for you.
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My doctors made me stay on humira even with high fc and anemia (but normal WBC and CRP )... they'd not change strategy unless they see bad endoscopic exams. Result is that I ended up one day at the ER and I pass you the details... you may be lucky to have a prompt and reactive doc. I think you should ask him what's his plan next.

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