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Can this be some sort of IBD or something else?

I've had some health issues for a while, starting with severe asthma and allergies since I was born, and since I was around 15 I had some issues with itching/bleeding from the.. end station, and acne and general tiredness, since I was 19 I wake up every night needing to urinate, even if I don't eat 8+ hours before bed time. But I never bothered checking it out and buried my head in the sand and distracted myself instead..

However during the last years I've become more aware and tried to understand my issues, and trying to resolve them with diet, yielding not so good results so far, my symptoms right now are bleeding/itching, the waste is always pretty watery, and looks kind of undigested, if I eat watermelon there are parts still the same color as when it entered my mouth, same with other things, for example if I eat 5 bananas in a day the next day the waste becomes very light in color, kind of like.. Vanilla yoghurt or something, if I eat a couple of sweet potatos it becomes completely orange.. you get the point, and its consistency varies from diarrhea a couple of times a month to looking semi solid but falls apart after its been in the water for a while, dispersing into small "fluffy" pieces, its NEVER completely solid and keeping intact,

I always feel like I haven't fully emptied my bowels, and some times I try for like 15-20 minutes and there finally is a movement, but its always non-satisfactory, sometimes I try for that amount of time and nothing comes out, and I wait a while and try again, and nothing comes and I repeat that and then there is a small movement, that leaves me feeling like I still have to go soon, this of course depends on how much fiber I eat, if I eat a lot I can go more often, but the same feeling is still always present and I also have a slight discomfort in different parts of the abdomen, usually in the lower left part but it can be pretty much everywhere, I don't know how the abdomen is supposed to feel but I can always feel it, like it is heavy or something, its hard to explain and the discomfort ranges from some times pretty severe pain, but usually its minor discomfort. Recently, the last three months or so, this thing when I try to go to the toilet has happened, when the movement occurs, it feels like a scratch/pain in the anus when the waste passes through, and there is a lot of blood in the toilet like on top of the feces and floating around, maybe some is integrated in the feces as well, its hard to tell, its light red color is kind of similar, and there's at least a few centiliters or a couple of fl.oz, of blood.

This happened two times in a row this week, with only a couple of hours apart, but it has only happened 6 times in these three months, and I am not completely sure about this, but I think it only has happened when I eat a lot of fats, in the summer when it happened, I ate a lot of milk/semi-milk products, and now this week and the two weeks prior I've been eating pretty much: Daikon, Butter, meat/fish, Spinach/kale, a few oranges/blueberries.. Although one time I tried a bad vegan diet with a lot too much legumes that was low fat and it happened then as well so maybe I am just reading too much into it.. I have a very hard time keeping weight, barely 58 kg's, 178 cm, low appetite, I just eat because I have to kind of..

I am doing a colonoscopy next week so hopefully they find something, I did a rectoscopy or a proctoscopy maybe is the english word for it, in August but the doctor said it looked good.. Oh and also I've started burping every day, especially first meal I eat, I burp after like 1-5 minutes if that is indicative of something.

I hope you can make sense of what I'm trying to communicate, hard to put so many pieces together in a text but thank you a lot for reading this and have a great day! and please ask if there is something unclear about my symptoms! I'm 22 years old.
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Welcome. I am sorry for what you are going through and I hope the colonoscopy can give you some answers.
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