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Advise Please

Hi Everyone,

I was released from the hospital Friday after a 7 day stay. Went in complaining of upper and right-sided abdominal pain. Blood work was normal but Ct results are below;

1. There is inflammatory change in the pancreatic head and neck. The
adjacent duodenum appears unremarkable. The findings may represent
acute pancreatitis in the appropriate clinical setting. There is no
evidence of pancreatic necrosis or peripancreatic fluid collection.
2. Appearance of the distal ileum and terminal ileum, with hyperemia
of the mucosa and edema within the thickened bowel wall, compatible
with acute inflammatory bowel disease/Crohn's disease. Similar
findings are present in the cecum. There is no obstruction.

My problem now is I am still in a moderate amount of pain now in the right lower abdomen. I think the pancreatitis has pretty much resolved but the crohn's flare has not. I am scheduled for an infusion tomorrow morning. My question is should I go to the stand alone e.r. tonight for pain relief to tie me over until the infusion tomorrow. The pain med I was sent home with is not providing any relief. My GI is thinking of switching my therapy from Entyvio to Remicade which I am afraid of. I have been using Entyvio for 2 years. Cimzia and Humira both failed.
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My question is should I go to the stand alone e.r. tonight for pain relief to tie me over until the infusion tomorrow.
Honestly absolutely no idea.

I think you should ring your doctor, ER, or a medical help line, and ask them.

Because who knows, maybe the pain medication may interact with the infusion. Then again, maybe it won't.

You need proper medical advice for this one, in my opinion.

Good luck with it all. Hope you feel better soon.
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Hi Jenny,

If you feel like you need to go to the ER you are probably best to go. I hope you feel better soon, keep in touch.

Warm regards,

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It seems like the Entyvio is not working unfortunately. I would contact the GI asap and go on with the switch of medication he proposes. wishing you well.
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