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Can I please have some help or opinions?

Hi all, I am 23 and have been diagnosed with Crohnís disease for just over a year now but it is believed I may have had it for a few years, I am on Humira injections as my form of medication as a lot of other medications am highly intolerable of. My blood work always comes back with improvements and I am apparently in remission. I have had regular pain on the left side of my abdomen for almost a year now but my consultant regularly informs me that the right side of my abdomen is the affected area for my crohnís and the pain on the left couldnít be my crohnís. He did say however that it could be nerve damage due to previous biopsies in my last colonoscopy so he booked me in for a flexible sigmoidoscopy. I was in and out of the procedure within less than 10 minutes and he put all my pain down to constipation. This was not that answer I was expecting and I really am doubting that could actually be the reason behind all this pain, I could understand if I was just uncomfortable but I have had days where I am unable to get out of bed due to the pain and I find it hard to believe (after regularly going to the toilet anywhere between 3-8 times a day, everyday) that it is constipation. Can constipation really cause me that much agony that I canít get out of bed? Can I even be classed as constipated with the amount I go? I have mentioned hundreds of times how often and regularly I go to the toilet and how excruciating the pain can get and yet itís still put down to constipation. Could my consultant just not be listening to anything I tell him? Should I seek a second opinion? Iím losing patience now and becoming increasingly unhappy with suffering so much with pain and not getting the answers or explanations I need to help me understand I hope you all can maybe provide some insight if you have had similar situations or even just some suggestions, I would be very grateful to hear whatever you have to offer in advice. Thank you.
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Perhaps try fasting on a liquid diet and follow your symptoms. A bowel rest can help.
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My personal experience with constipation is that it can hurtóa lot, but doesnít usually prevent me from getting out of bed. Do you have diarrhea and then constipation? How long has it been since your consultant has done a colonoscopy? A flexible sigmoidoscopy only looks at the rectum and sigmoid colon and doesnít go up the left side, so inflammation in the descending colon can be missed. Has your small intestine been imaged (MRE or CTE)? Pain from inflammation in the small intestine can be felt all over the abdomen. Although itís a real pain to get a second opinion and new doctors can discount every diagnosis given by previous physicians, itís definitely easier said than done. Can you press your GP and/or consultant to get your small bowel imaged? You absolutely shouldnít be in so much pain. There are also medications for constipation (I take linzess every morning as well as Miralax). I hope you get some answers soon.
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I feel as though I havenít suffered constipation for years, since I had my first symptoms of crohnís disease. I usually only have somewhat loose stools and usually itís fairly normal and only ever suffer diarrhoea on a really bad day, never constipated My last colonoscopy was a year ago but I have regular MRI scans for my small bowel around every 6 months and all my recent one has come back with good results so they saw no reason to go any further than a fllexible sigmoidoscopy. Afterwards I was prescribed a soluble laxative and enemas in case I am intolerable of the laxative but, I feel as though I would never be able to leave my bathroom if I was to use either of them as I go so often on a daily basis anyway and itís also usually the case with me even when a mild laxative is used. I had been given peppermint oil capsules and Mebeverine prior to the flexible sigmoidoscopy in case it was nerve damage or spasms and it improved the pain a noticeable amount but not completely, however I still feel my consultant did not take this into consideration. I didnít have a bowel movement before the procedure so Iím wondering if maybe because I hadnít been, he see stool and just instinctively went to constipation as the cause?

Thank you for your replies!
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If your left colon was cleaned fully with the enemas before the Sigmo, there is a good chance the dr could go up in the left colon. Did he tell you how far he could go?

How did your consultant declared remission in the first place? Only from blood works or from a second colonoscopy?

Did you have a fecal calprotectine test or another complete colonoscopy since diagnosis?

I would really ask for calprotectine stool test for the next time you have 8 bowel movement a day.

CD is not always static, it can move around in the digestive track. It takes time to ''know'' a patient. Surprises can happen years after diagnosis. In my case a big surprise happened 10 years after in an unsuspected area. One year of disease is not enough to say you cant have other possibilities of lesions outside of the area that was discovered at your diagnosis.
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I too suffer from constipation but not as bad as yours I keep being told that everyone is different and experience symptoms different, it can make life very confusing what I would say is ask for a second opinion because you should not have that much pain.

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