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Crohn and stressful job


My name is John, and I have been diagnosed with crohn's recently , but I think I have this disease since 2013.

I found a job at January 2017, and my boss always tell me that I don't understand the tasks and that he has to repeat everytime. He also told me to grow up... What a joke.
In fact I feel very exhausted, and I cannot handle the pressure. He is nervous, and every time he talks, I feel like my stomach is pierced with bullets. That's why I cannot concentrate.

It's difficult because I look totally normal from the outside, so I have to deal with assholes everyday.

During school, my classmates laughed at me because I passed all the days sleeping, and I was amongst the worst students. I was rejected because I couldn't drink alcohol during student parties. (You have to drink to be cool, which is kinda stupid. ).

Now I try to have healthy diet, but my colleagues sometimes drink alcohol during events, and when I refuse, they make unkind remarks like : "You're not a man if you don't drink alcohol".....

I'm a developer, but I want to change.. Something new and not stressful, something useful, fuck this shit, I like nature, not being stuck behind a screen 10 hours per day with zombie colleagues, and having a boss that think I am stupid. I cannot show my true potential with people like this.

But In France, it is difficult to change domain. I am stuck with a stressful job.
I'm ready to have a pay cut in order to have a better life. But I feel like every jobs are stressful, and that stress is the reason of my disease.

So ... Where can I start ?

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

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Hi John,

first of all those guys thinkin drinking alcohol is cool because the others drink it are totally wrong. How sad and miserable are they if they have no personality and feel obliged to drink what others drink instead of what they want to drink.
Healty drinks are also cool now, people who care about their health will prefer 'virgin' cocktails or pineaple juices or whatever instead of alcohol.. Otherwise if you don't feel confident don't drink, you not obliged to be thirsty...

Second if I receive unkind remarks like "you are not a man if you don't drink alcohol".. I'd eventually answer something rude like "that's not what think your sister or something like that" ;D
Anyway don't care too much about what other random people say, it really doesn't matter.

Also regarding your job, I think you may definitely need a new one, and as an IT developper you can find many jobs in many different companies. I'm sure you'll find that. Or you could do you own company, developing websites for others, or helping people with IT issues for example... those kind of job are great you coud manage your time as you wish. Or if you want to quit IT jobs, maybe you could find out what kind of formation or school may help you change activity.

Wish you the best
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Sending support. You don't have to drink to be cool. You don't need stress in your life
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Thank you for your support guys.

I'm trying to find another job, I have multiple opportunities on LinkedIn, but I don't wanna take a decision without thinking, I don't want to escape a shit to land in another one. I have the feeling that IT Development is not for me. I really need to avoid all type of stress.

I work in a small company. I don't know if working in a big company will be better.

One day, my boss screamed at me because the program installed in the customer server didn't work. I started to feel really bad, the pain was unbearable.
The morning after, the customer called the boss and apologized because it was his fault. I was thinking : "There's a real problem in this company".

With a friend, we wanted to sell energy drinks but neither of us did business school, so we don't know how to begin.
All I can do now is saving money. I'll try to find a formation to build a company.

The society we've created is a real problem, stress is the cause of multiple disease including cancer. This really needs to change.
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You are far from being alone in having to deal with what appears to be a toxic workplace. Some gray bearded advice; Let all the crap roll off your back like water off of a duck. Don't take it and when the boss (or for that matter anybody) yells, let him have it back in return. I've had to deal with these types before, I don't yell back, but I stare them down and tell them in no certain terms that I demand some respect, and try to work out the issue at hand.
In the meantime, look for work in another company and don't take any of their drizzle personally, for that is what it is verbal drizzle.

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