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Food frustration

I am getting so frustrated with what I can/cannot eat! I've had Crohns for 15 years and my triggers have pretty much stayed the same- no fruits or veggies (raw/cooked) sugar, most fiber, anything carbonated, caffeine, dairy. So that leaves what?! Carbs! It eliminates most breakfast foods besides toast. What do you all eat that doesn't kill your stomach but isn't broth?! :-(
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Khalid Saeed
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Hi EMohn,
For breakfast I take some boiled eggs, rice pudding sweeted with raw honey and some canned fruits. I find oatmeals are not a problem for me, yogurt as well doesent make a problem.
Hope you find this helful to you
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Cream of Wheat. I often cook it in fruit juice. Eggs any style. Waffles. I'm Finnish, and a typical breakfast is open faced sandwiches with cheese and lunch meat. You don't have to have breakfast for breakfast.
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There are non cows milk
Such as ripple (pea milk ) almond/cashew/coconut/rice etc...
You can even make homemade "milk"

Quinoa is packed with protein and is a carb
You can make quinoa bread /pancake /muffins /etc....

Have you tried purée fruit/veggies in a soups /juice ?
Squash /zucchini/potato do fairly well for Ds

Eggs /avacados
Turkey bacon
Cream of rice
Gluten free bagels

Start listing the things you can eat
Whether you eat them currently or not

All meats
All different types of grains
All milk free "dairy "products cheeses etc
Every veggie /fruit you have tried and the ones you haven't
What manner they were tried in

Ds couldn't tolerate chicken in any form for over two years
Then suddenly he could

So worth a shot
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I also wonder about cooking/pureeing fruits and veggies. They're easier to digest in this form, and it gives your digestive system some rest.

The SCD intro diet has you cook and puree fruits and veggies while you're healing...Then down the road when you're feeling better, you may be able to reintroduce them raw/whole. Have you looked into SCD?

When I am not feeling well some typical foods include: hardboiled eggs, bananas, almond butter (not everyone tolerates nuts well), boiled and pureed spinach, butternut squash, carrots, chicken (baked or in soup), baked salmon, beef patties (not everyone tolerates red meat well), homemade yogurt, homemade applesauce (just apples and cinnamon), gelatin with 100% juice

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