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Allergy medication

My daughter has seasonal allergies. She currently receives remicade infusions and methotrexate shots every Saturday night. I would like to know if it is safe to give claritin or benadryl.
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You can ask her doctor for her specific history of this is permitted.
Everyone is different
Allied should be run past the doc

I can tell you Ds has been on multiple allergy meds since age two
Including Zyrtec /singulair /Benadryl/dymista/parabola combo
While on remicade/humira and now Stelara with mtx
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My son is on claritan for seasonal allergies and remicade. Benadryl is often given as a pre-med for infusion but always best to check with the doctor.

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My kiddo is allowed to take Zyrtec or Benadryl as needed for seasonal allergies. She is on a biologic and an immunomodulator.

I would definitely check with her allergist/pediatrician - whoever is managing her allergies.
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Certerzine(sp?) Is what my girl gets and was approved by her docs.
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