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So much pain! Advice please :)

Hi I've had crohns for 11 years now and it's only in the small intestines and badly in the rectum. I was put on Vedoluzimab for over 6 months with no improvements. But in the past 3-4 weeks I've been having severe pain in my anus caused by four very deep fissures which seem to be getting worse everyday. This has caused me to lose 2 stone and become severely underweight. I have seen my consultant 3 times and he's put me on to start ustekinumab but won't give me anything for the fissures because he wants to wait and see if the new medication helps. Surely it isn't right being left in severe pain like this for weeks?! Should I see a different consultant?
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Itís definitely not right for you to be in so much pain with no relief. Could your GP help? My GI does all the tests and prescribes drugs for crohnís but my GP prescribes for the pain and other issues I have.
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No patient should be left in the pain you are suffering.
Perhaps you should talk to your Family doctor to see what could be given to help soon as possible
At the same time you should discuss with him whether to seek a second opinion regarding treatment.
Another route is to go to the emergency department and request help
Feel better soon
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I agree.

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