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How to deal with IBS when I have Crohns

Hi there
Been a Crohnie for many years now. Had a resection about 5 years ago, it came back with vengeance within a couple of months of the operation to remove the Ileum.

Have been on Humira for the past few years with great results and all tests are clear and living a fairly normal life..yay!!! Have always had bad, painful D but kinda of accepted that after my surgery

However past few months I have been getting really bad D, horrible frequent watery and very painful (sorry, bit graphic!) but you get the point! Really bad.

All my markers from recent blood tests are fine and other the horrible D I am currently having I dont seem to be suffering with the normal expected Crohn flare symptoms like tiredness, bleeding ect etc

So I wanted to ask if it is possible it could be IBS (can you have both IBS and IBD???) and if so what are my best options to treat it?
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Yes, you can have both. My doctor prescribed Levsin for ibs.
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Although I haven't been dx'd with IBS I'm almost sure I have it as well as crohns colitis.I have a repeat 'script for Loperamide which slows down D. and allows me a "normal" life.I don't take it unless I have to leave the house in the morning, but it's good if I have an early appointment.Over doing it can cause things to go the other way, which in my view is worse.I would certainly ask your G.P. if you could try it for a while.I hope you feel better soon.

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