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Rectovaginal fistula

I am currently under the consultant regarding a rectovaginal fistula. I have had radiotherapy and chemotherapy for bowel cancer. Got the all clear now two years on I have a fistula. I have been given a choice whether to have surgery and a Stoma for a while or live with it if I can. Iíve already had a Stoma for a year which has now been reversed however Iím worried I may end up with it for life. I have 3 kids and Iím 34. Itís embarrassing losing wind and small amounts of soil from the vagina also interfering with my sex life. Do I go for the surgery option or carry on. I need some advice
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Hi Lumpy - do you also have any type of IBD? Remicade is know to heal fistulas - or has the option of a seton been discussed?

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No I donít have IBD. Seton wasnít discussed just the surgery as Iíve already had most my rectum removed, part of my colon and also my cervix. Itís all so difficult to get my head round and understand
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Maybe a gynecologist or colorectal surgeon would be able to help point you in the right direction. I have had an advancement flap surgery to fix a fistula, mine wasn't a complete success, but it was done by a general surgeon. It has a fairly good success rate if done by a specialist. You may want to ask about it.

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