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Still in shock

About me
I am 60 years of age & only just been diagnosed with Crohns.

I have been in the Leicester Royal Infirmary for 2 weeks & back home tonight.

This was my 2nd flare up, my first was in early August this year, now left the hospital on Steroids & Methotrexate.

I just feel quite shocked tonight, all feels a shock at the moment & life changing.
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Welcome. I am sorry. I hope the doctor can get things under control and you can get in remission soon. Let us know how you are
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Many thanks for the reply.
Just a little worried about the medication of Methotrexate & the side effects
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Welcome to the forum, sorry you had to find us. It is a life changing diagnosis. I would encourage you to educate yourself as much as possible on your condition. The medications and side effects can sound scary, but read the warnings on a bottle of Tylenol as a comparison. I've had bad luck with side effects, but many people have none. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
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Many thanks for the reply.
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Welcome Allan,

I hope things start to improve. Everything has side effects, hopefully you don't experience anything but better health.

Keep in touch, and be sure to ask if you aren't sure about something. One of us will probably know.

Best regards,

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Hi Allan,

You’re surrounded by friends here, every step of the way. The meds can change often, and I hope you have some relief soon. As for the shock, I understand. The inspirational stories and words of caregivers and loved ones participating here are truly gems. T
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Welcome, this is a good place to visit and meet others diagnosed to this club. There is valuable information to be found here and a lot of support.
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Hi Allan, I have also recently been diagnosed after months of been unwell.
I'm now in remission but still on Pred (steriods) and Immunosuppressants daily. I have Crohns at the end of my small bowel.
I found reading lots of information helped me to understand and get my head around it. It's okay to not feel right and be angry or confused.
I would recommend books - Crohns for Dummies and Book forCrohns. Both are full of great information. I also found this forum is great for information and stories and can be a good pick me up! I am now doing yoga every morning and I'm also on a low fibre diet as directed by the IBD nurses. Good luck and hope your fighting fit again soon!


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