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Anal Abscess & Seton, when will pain go?

Hi All,
I am new to the forum, so hope I am posting this in the right place.

6 weeks ago I was admitted to Bournemouth Hospital (UK) with a very painful perianal abscess. They performed an op, and I came around to find out they had put a drain seton in. So off I went home, with some painkillers and dressings.

A week later I was back in with a second abscess, about an inch away from the first one. Again, another general anaesthetic and a second Seton. In hospital a bit longer this time, but then off home with pain killers and antibiotics etc.

So here I am, about 6 weeks post first seton, and 4 weeks post second seton. But every day I still get huge bouts of pain, especially in the evening, from about 4pm onwards.

There is still a lot of discharge from both seton drain holes.

I am on 10mg Oxycodon and paracetamol. Although it appears that they don't do a lot of good, especially about 8 hours into the 12 hour slow release Oxycodon.

My question, is should I still be in such pain this long after the surgery? I can only sit down for about an hour max before I get a lot of pain.

I read about people going back to work within a week, so I am worried that something may be amiss.

BTW, I had an MRI two weeks ago, and it showed no new abscesses... so why the pain!

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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