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Anemia complications

Hi! I'm newly diagnosed back in August and wondering if some wiser and more experienced folks could help. I was in such bad shape in August, I could barely get up to go to the bathroom, I was terribly dizzy and weak. I feel like I sound so dramatic, but I'm a distance runner and this exhaustion is beyond anything I could imagine or have experienced.
So, I was barely able to get out of bed for about two months, and we realized I was super low in electrolytes, and taking electrolyte pills seems to have helped a lot. My gastro doctor also said I was anemic (which I had been told before when I tried to donate at the red cross about 8 months ago and in previous years too). I started taking pentasa (6 a day) and a corticosteroid (3 a day which is causing insomnia too). I seem to go in waves of feeling pretty good for a week or so then not being able to get out of bed again. The doctor never told me what to do about the anemia, but lately the exhaustion has gotten so bad, and I keep having asthma attacks (which I haven't had in years).
I'm taking lots and lots of vitamins, and in the last 10 days started taking 18mlg of Iron, but I still feel so bad.. is it possible I need to get iron shots instead? Has anyone experienced similar problems? I just don't know what to do

*I should note that I don't eat meat except eggs, which increases risk for anemia. I also have really heavy menstrual cycles.
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Hi. You might about iron or b12 shots. You also might ask about a blood transfusion.
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Hi pandabear,
The months following my diagnosis were the worst
Had no success with pentasa and had to switch to imuran and liquid diet
When the treatment started to kick in the iron deficiency and anemia disapeared.
Inthe meantime yes you can definitely ask for iron injection instead of tablets. Iron taken orally can also bother your stomach and cause pain so its definitely not ideal. It takes quite a long time for iron level to get back to normal

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