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Exercise and Crohn's Disease (and Anemia)

Every time I exercise, I feel exhausted and sick for several days. Especially if that exercise has anything to do with my stomach. I have gained weight and I'm 6 foot 190 pounds, and feeling very much out of shape and wanting to lose weight and get fit.

The sickness from exercising is really starting to depress me. It doesn't matter if I exercise for 30 minute or an hour, or if I break up the exercise into three small workouts a day. I do dumbell exercises, jumping jacks, pusheups with my knees on the floor, treadmill and elliptical use. That's about it.

I have Crohn's Disease and currently I have Anemia that has not responded to several iron infusions (no ulcer found, no reason given yet about my unresponsiveness to the iron after two colonoscopies).

Any advice at all you can offer me is greatly appreciated!
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Have you gotten any advice from your doctor?
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Has your GI checked your small intestine via regular or capsule endoscopy? Iron is absorbed in the duodenum and if there is still inflammation present the infusions may not be able to keep up with the loss of iron. At one point my duodenum was so ulcerated there was no iron left in my body. As soon as we treated the inflammation successfully (PPIs helped a lot) my hemoglobin came up. I still struggle with anemia and it gets worse when I am flaring, but it is better than it once was. Have you seen a hematologist at all?

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