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Bone age and growth

Hello everyone, I need some help.
Iím a sixteen y/o girl and my bone age is 14. I used to be insanely skinny when I was undiagnosed because I couldnít absorb any nutrients. That was three years ago, then I started receiving treatment (prednisone, remicade, pentasa, imuran, surgery); I gained a lot of weight - especially on prednisone. Iíve grown a little bit, but not enough. Iíve been working out and eating healthy (not starving myself and not overeating) for arounnd half a year, but I canít lose my extra fat. Iím thinking that my body is holding on to it for when my bones grow. Is this possible? If not, any ideas of why I canít lose the extra fat? If so, any ideas on how to speed up my bone growth so I can lean out. I always used to be really lean and fit. Iím a super short and small person so the extra fat is really noticeable on me. Thanks for the help!
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Hi struggleisreal,
It's usual to gain weight and fat with prednison but i guess you stopped months ago...
I think it could be explain by your age and growth yes but you may want to consult a dietetician to get good advices.

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