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Iím blocked 😩

Hi all!!!

I have been told by a gastro dr that he suspects I have Crohn's, Iím so overwhelmed and welcome any suggestions on how to calm a ďflareĒ up.

I am a 32yr female, and have struggled with my bowels most of my life but recently the doors completely shut and have been severely constipated for the last 4 weeks (I havenít had any tummy or abdo pain) but keep getting a lot of pressure and pain in the bottom of my tailbone and have the urge to poop but nothing happens. X-rays showed Iím blocked rather substantially and A ct scan showed 10cm of thickening in my bowel. I have a colonoscopy booked for next week, But as I am blocked up and not a lot happens with laxitives does anyone have any suggestions on foods I should eat or maybe avoid to help clear me out? Getting really frustrated with my body not co operating and a little worried with the ďthickeningĒ of my bowel. Any advice or suggestions welcomed by this newbie
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Welcome. You might want to stay on a bland diet for noe.
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Are you getting enough water? My GI says you need plenty to help your bowels work properly. I don't get constipation very much, so can't think of suitable things to eat, other than bananas are meant to be good for both constipation and diarrhoea, oddly. Dates are also good, if you can tolerate them.
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Ds has constipation issues
Some laxatives are better than others and everyone is different
Ds uses miralax daily (movicol in U.K.)to keep things loving and a lot of it plus ducolax fir clean outs prior to
But has used magnesium citrate which works very quickly but is hard on the system

All formula (ensure or boost) no solid food
Can be used to make it easier to move things
Some get diarrhea from
It other get constipation

Plenty of water
Low fiber

Definitely let your GI know things are not moving even with laxatives

Ds has had mixed results
Some brands did miracles
Others nada nothing useless

Good luck
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Yes,plenty of fluids and dried or tinned prunes and oranges work for me.The chemist/pharmacist will be able to help.The prep. you get to use prior to your colonoscopy will clear you out too,but it might be better to try to get things moving until then.Please let's know how things go.
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liquid diet , juices and avoid fiber

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