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I'm a 13 year old who just got diagnosed

Hi I just recently got diagnosed in April and it was a devastating journey
I kept getting sick diarrhea anemia a billion tests many doctor visits stress. So it started out with soft stools and then I started going to the bathroom frequently I thought it was because of milk
I also had a really bad cough that never went away but I went to many doctors they gave me a lot of medication but I didnt see any improvement when finally I went to a gi and he told me I needed an endoscopy and colony scope because we were debating if I had celiac or crohns the prep day was really bad for me as I was throwing up in the loo a lot and had the worst cramps then the colonoscopy day it's was ok I was really scared but I don't remember a thing cause they gave me anesthesia that made me feel drowsy but my mom was in the room with me and she said I was talking the whole time. I got the biopsy results and it was crohns in the ileum and I started of with a mild steroid and it helped but when I tapered I got into a flare again so I got some prednisolone and I was good I got 30 mg and tapered by 5 mg per week and I was great I felt amazing the first daoh wait I forgo before prednisone I was anemic so I got 500mg of iron by iv every 2 days for 5 times so my I started to produce blood so after prednisone I still feel amazing till today with gods grace
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Hi. I am glad you are feeling better but I am sorry you have Crohn"s disease. Feel free to comr here anytime.
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Hello Vk and welcome to the forum.I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope it continues.We do have a "Young Adults" thread you might find interesting,although of course you're welcome any where on here.Your story will be of help to others who are browsing and wondering if they should share their story.Cheers.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Your Story » I'm a 13 year old who just got diagnosed
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