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Fatigue/Generally feeling awful

Hi all

Iíve been feeling pretty run down for a few weeks, and Iíve been fighting off a cold for nearly 3 weeks now. I was already pretty fatigued anyway, but now itís becoming a joke.

I went to the GP 2 weeks ago when this had been going on for a few days and had bloods taken, as well as doing a urine sample. The urine sample was because Iíve started to experience some issues with the waterworks about 6 weeks ago, but this comes and goes.

At first I thought I had a UTI or something as I had some burning while Ďgoingí but this only lasted a couple of days. Ever since Iíve been feeling what I can only describe as a Ďpressureí in my bladder when I go, and also an urgency to go which comes out of nowhere. I can go a few days without this happening, but it hasnít completely gone away.

Anyway, I called today to check up on the results and everything was normal and unremarkable. The bloods were to check specifically for iron & B12 because Iíve been deficient in these before, but I donít understand how I feel worse now than I did then? My iron level was 4 when I was first diagnosed which Iím guessing isnít great, but I was never this wiped out.

When I was iron & B12 deficient I was more mentally frazzled and struggling to concentrate, some days I could barely even string a sentence together. The brain fog was awful. I was also physically tired but it was more manageable than what Iím experiencing now. This is more like a full body exhaustion that never stops no matter how much I rest or take it easy.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?
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When flaring I almost always have a deep fatigue. I also get fatigued after taking my biologics (Humira first, now Entyvio). For me it is part of the disease. My vitamin levels seem to be OK, except Vit D, which I just increased to 5000 I.U. daily.

Have you checked your Vit D levels? Low Vit D can lead to fatigue.
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Hi there

I donít believe my vitamin D levels have ever been checked, if they have it hasnít been mentioned.

That would make sense, I suffer from horrible seasonal affective disorder and the clocks have just gone back here. I do have a SAD lamp but I donít find it benefits me much to be honest.

I did try taking vitamin D supplements through the winter a couple of years ago. There was no difference but of course at that stage I didnít know I had absorption issues.

Iíll try to get another appointment with the GP, my next GI appointment isnít until the end of Jan so itís worth pursuing now.

Thanks for the tip x
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I could start a new thread with your exact same title. fatigue has been bothering me more than I realize, sometimes I can feel how it's coming out of my lower back and just spread all over, I'm also becoming more afraid to drive because I can't focus enough. And I also notice that my attitude towards certain things becomes softer or weaker. I do have lower levels of iron and b12, not sure about vitamin D, I had tried exposing myself under the sun long hours a day, can't say it helped much, but maybe it will help with the cold you've been having.

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